Ibanez Sr300e

Ibanez SR300 Review

The Ibanez SR300 E CUB Active Bass review Step into most music shops around today, and it’s likely you’ll come across a section adorned by guitars that could have been left behind by an alien visit. Guitar ...

Epiphone Les Paul SL Review

Epiphone LP SL is one of the most iconic and instantly recognisable guitars ever made. Originally produced by Gibson in 1952 in partnership with guitarist Les Paul. Various versions of the Les Paul have been played through the years by legends such as...
How to string a 12 string guitar

How to string a 12 String Guitar in 3 easy steps

When it comes to restringing your 12-string guitar, twice as many strings doesn’t have to mean twice the difficulty! A 12-string guitar is certainly less common than its six-string siblings, and the task of re...