It has been identified by the music streaming service Spotify that people aged 42 are starting to enjoy the current pop music trends, which some call as “musical crisis” of the middle-aged music fans. It is great to see how 42-year-olds enjoy listening to Rudimental or Rihanna and let’s face it – it is a lot cheaper than a midlife crisis where people buy two-seater sports cars that are basically impractical for a family person.

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Spotify also reports that teenagers are the ones that pick up music from the top of the current music charts but with age, these changes as people’s tastes in music rapidly diverge from the mainstream. People at the age of 25, for example, are starting to enjoy ‘’their’’ music rather than just the number one hits from the charts. According to experts 35 is the age when maturity is reached in the taste of music. People at the age of 42, however, are very likely to take a look at what is currently trending and start listening to it. Whether it is a midlife musical crisis or just an attempt to get in touch with their young us, we can’t know. Ajay Kalia was the one to conduct a study in an attempt to understand people’s music tastes based on the songs they like to listen to.

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Kalia points out that parents at the age of 42, who are now starting to enjoy mainstream music, are quite cool and not embarrassing because they actually have developed their music taste through the years and listening to Taylor Swift can only make them cooler. Children should not be embarrassed when parents start singing Rihanna’s latest track but rather join them. Parents are also more likely to discover genres and artists that do not necessarily number one on the charts but have trendy tracks.