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Fender, known for its famous acoustic and electric guitars, is now providing Fender ukuleles that we are sure you’ll love. The ukulele is a really fun and simple instrument that has a summer vibes (or lockdown vibes, as you prefer). For this ukulele review, we’ve chosen the Fender Venice Soprano ukulele, a joyful and reliable portable instrument. 

What an adorable look! It offers a sparkly and sleek design with a surf green colour that will remind you of beach parties around the campfire (Oops, before Covid). Elegant and pleasant to play, this Fender California Coast Venice Soprano ukulele is made from laminated basswood that features a mahogany neck and a walnut fingerboard. 

Fender ukulele review

It provides a clear and punchy sound with sharp tones and a swinging beat that stand out compared to other ukuleles from famous brands. 

It’S a joy to play; the C-shaped neck is giving players comfort while strumming and its size of 13,6″, allows you to bring it with you to almost everywhere from your room to summer parties. The C-shaped neck and its size make it an excellent beginner ukulele for both adults and children!

The nylon strings will need stretching. It is hard to keep the Fender ukulele in tune for several days in a row but this is one of the common issues of all ukuleles. Guitarists or professionals who are used to the Fender standards and quality and would like a more reliable instrument that keeps in tune, might want to consider Fender ukuleles that are a bit pricier, at least pricier than the California Coast series.

Ukulele Dimensions and Stats

  • Weight : 1,8 lbs
  • Guitar Dimensions : 58.93 x 22.61 x 8.64 cm
  • Guitar Material : Basswood
Green ukulele - Fender ukulele

Experts Feedback

This ukulele from Fender is a brilliant instrument with a nice colour. It is providing a wide range of rich sounds that’ll bring summer wherever you are. It sounds as nice as it looks!

It’s a great and reliable ukulele that will delight everyone, from beginners to hard-core ukuleles players.

For guitarists or professionals that are used to the Fender standards and quality who prefer instruments that keeps in tune longer, we would advise looking into a bit more expensive Fender ukuleles, at least pricier than the California Coast series. 

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Fender Ukulele Review - The Venice Soprano
Overall score81%
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