Donner electric guitar  DLP-124S

Guitar Information :

The Donner DL-124S electric guitar was one of the most sold electric guitars in the U.K. during the lockdown. It won over beginners by its aesthetic style and of course, its price. This guitar is a steal.

Donner is a brand well known for its pedals, which are highly rated on every music website. Our experts decided to take a look at this nice looking Les Paul style DL-124 S electric guitar from Donner.

We cannot review this guitar without talking about its look. The aesthetic is impressive. Whether you choose the sunburst look and its vintage design or the full black design, they both look pretty cool and really stand out. Its flat front, single volume and single configuration inspired by the classical Les Paul Jr are really great too. One unique thing about the guitar would be its creamed coloured binding, which is stylish and elegant.

The DL-124S a beautiful guitar. But what about its playability? Once again, you could be really impressed by its nice clean tones and good metal tones as well! It definitely plays and sounds as good as it looks. We would recommend this guitar not only to beginners but also the more experienced guitarists out there. You might want to customise the guitar set-up if you want to get the best out of the guitar (change strings, adjust the pickup height, etc).

Electric guitar donner neck

The neck is quite slim, which is great for beginners or for people who have trouble with the bigger necks. There are no sharp edges on the fretboard, which is quite common on this price range… It holds the tune fairly well and no doubts, you’ll be able to do some gigs on the weekend with this guitar.

Guitar Dimensions and Stats :

  • Dimensions : 103.5 x 43 x 12 cm
  • Weight : 5.22 kg
  • String Material : Nickel
Donner electric guitar black

Experts Feedback :

This DL-124S electric guitar from Donner is something! It has everything: a pretty style, a good playability, a budget-friendly price and great accessories coming with it (a bag, a tuner, a capo, some picks, strap). One minus point would be that this comes without an AMP… But don’t worry, you can check our electric guitar amp reviews if you’re looking for one. Beginners or experienced guitarists, this is without fail, a bargain!

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Donner DLP-124S Solid Body Electric Guitar Full-Size Bundle Review
Overall Feedback85%
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