The Apple Watch is finally here and everybody is checking out its many features. Music lovers would surely appreciate the music app that the phone comes with. The brilliantly designed watch gives the user the opportunity to remotely control the music on their iPhone without having to touch their phone when they want to change the track. Another brilliant feature of this app allows the users to add their favorite music straight to their Apple Watch without connecting to their iPhone to listen to it.

Music App on Apple's new watch

The Music app is easy to access and use. There are two ways the user can access the app – by pressing on the icon on the Home Screen of the watch or if the user is listening to music already, they can easily access the music controls through the Glances simply by swiping up the screen. What is even better with this app is that if the user wants to change the track, they can simply ask Siri to do it.

Apple watch

The Apple Watch also has a lot of storage so the user can download their preferred music directly onto it without having to use their iPhone. Music is easily synchronized from the iPhone to the Apple Watch and within minutes, the Watch is ready to use. The best bit about the Apple Watch and the iPhone is that they work perfectly together and music can be played by either device. This is easily done by a firm touch on the Apple Watch display and when the app is open, the iPhone can be connected through tapping on ‘’Source’’, then select Apple Watch and connect with your Bluetooth to the iPhone. It is as simple as that!