Bored by playing the triangle? New to the world of guitars? Welcome! You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for information about guitars and their accessories. The guitar is a beautiful and versatile instrument and this post/review gives you a quick overview of all the accessories that every beginner needs.

The plectrum or guitar pick

If you held a guitar for more than 5 minutes in your life, you probably noticed that plucking the strings can be quite tricky. It can be a painful experience for inexperienced fingers. A plectrum (what a weird name…) or a guitar pick is a small triangular piece of thin plastic (or metal, bone, wood, horn…) that you hold between the fingers (thumb and index) of your strumming hand. A guitar pick plucks or strums a guitar. 

Fun fact: Brian May from Queen was using a sixpence coin as his plectrum.

You’re probably wondering: Why do I need a guitar pick? Well… The plectrum will give a brighter tone and a sharper sound to your music, and you’ll have more dexterity than if you played only with your bare hands.

However, you should be mindful of one downside of the guitar pick – its amazing capacity to be lost due to its small size. So don’t buy only one, it will be lost within a week. Plus, you’ll find every colour or design imaginable on the internet!

A guiter tuner : how to quickly tune your guitar

This device will help you tune your instrument. Some guitarists can do it by ear, without using any device. No joke. If you practice enough, you could be one of them!
This magical tool will show you if the pitch of your strings is too low or too high., You’ll only need to turn the tuning pegs (yes, you can’t avoid this step) to get the correct pitch. There are different kinds of tuners : some you will need to clip-on  some will directly find which string you’re plucking … 

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The guitar strap : fall for it

Should you use a guitar strap? It depends on where and how you want to play.

If you plan on playing with people around, pretending to play to a packed stadium in your bedroom, or playing standing up, for example on stage, you will definitely need a strap to secure your grip on the guitar.

If you play alone in your room, you might not need a strap, especially if you’re playing on an acoustic guitar. Before buying, check the length and the width that’ll suit you the best! Keep in mind that the thickest straps are made for heavy instruments.

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The guitar capo or how to avoid hard-core chords

You’ve probably seen many videos with guitarists playing with a capo. This tool is basically replacing your fingers when you do a barre chord, in other words, it will bar a whole fret. By using it, you increase the pitch of your guitar, and change the key. 

Why use it ? It will simplify your life : instead of doing hard-core chords with open frets, you can use a capo and keep doing simple chords! Many well-known songs played with a guitar capo: “Wonderwall” by Oasis, “You’re beautiful” by James Blunt, “I see fire” by Ed Sheeran , or “The Real Me” by The Who. ….

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The guitar stand

Yes, it can seem a bit silly, but you will need a guitar stand if you want to avoid damages to your guitar. You want to have your guitar within reach and trust me, leaving it on your bed, couch, or resting against other pieces of furniture in your room is definitely not a good idea. The guitar stand will prevent nicks and scratches to your instrument. This way, you will be able to keep your guitar as new as the day you bought it!

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