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The Fender Player Telecaster History

Introduced in the early 50s, the Fender Player Telecaster electric guitar marked a turning point in music history and created a new standard for electric guitars. Leo Fender, who founded Fender, had 3 objectives in mind when crafting this electric guitar: durability, performance, and tone. He didn’t care about the actual guitar standards or about the already established guitar models in place.

First ridiculed as the “Canoe Paddle” or “plank” due to its new and innovative shape, the Fender Telecaster guitar soon became the first commercially successful solid-body electric guitar. Fender brought something unique and new to the electric guitars market: an easy to play, sturdy, and, most of all, affordable guitar. And trust us, the Fender Telecaster guitar of today doesn’t really look any different from the telecaster guitar from 1951.

An amazing look for an iconic guitar

Fender Player Telecaster Review

Its looks is just wondrous.

Leo Fender didn’t intend to make a pretty and sophisticated guitar, his guitar was always meant to be as simplistic as possible and above all, functional.

The funny thing is that nowadays this instrument is mostly known for its beautiful look and its vintage vibe! The Fender players series will please everyone with its different colours and look with a Pau Ferro or a maple neck (No matter what you’ll pick, you’ll love it!).

Its sound and tones richness

Of course, this guitar didn’t become iconic just for its original look. Let’s talk about its sound richness. You’ll be surprised by the tones and sounds it provides, even unplugged! It brings an incredibly bright, clear, and clean sound with rounded tones and steely overtones. The solid-body made from alder without any adornment gives the guitar a characteristic tone that every player would recognize.

Headstock of a Fender Player Telecaster

Most entry-level electric guitars tend to go out of tune quickly, but we have to admit that this 6-saddle string-through-body with Bent Steel Saddles provides great tuning stability. However, there might be some guitarists who do not enjoy the bent steel saddles as much as we do.

The Fender Player Telecaster’s simplicity makes the guitar shine -, it has only two single coil pickups, one tone control, and one volume control. It is a punchy-sounding guitar thanks to the Alnico 5 pickups.

You can easily switch between sharp-high tones to a smooth and soft output. The neck and its modern-C shape provide the performance and comfort that you would expect.

Man playing on a fender

Guitar Dimensions and Stats

  • Guitar weight : 8,8 pounds
  • Guitar Dimensions : 106.05 x 38.1 x 10.8 cm
  • Guitar Material : Alder
fender player series - single coil

Experts Feedback on the Fender Player Telecaster

If you were browsing through electric guitars, this one might be the one! This guitar is an entry-level fender, which makes it really affordable for beginners. We were surprised by its lightweight and tonally resonant solid body. This Fender guitar is a joy to play for beginners and for experienced players as well.

Fender player series

The Fender Telecaster is one of the most trusted and recognized electric guitars on the market. Its solid body with the telecaster body shape and its uncluttered design won the heart of thousands of guitarists. The gloss finish definitely increases the durability and the reliability of this guitar.

It’s  a versatile instrument that allows you to play almost everything. Known for its genuine telecaster twang, it will give your music a vintage vibe that you’ll love.

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Fender player series
Fender Player Telecaster Review - An iconic guitar
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