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You are interested in learning to play the guitar but you don’t know which guitar is the best for you? We recommend this full-size W101 Martin Smith acoustic guitar to you ….

The Martin Smith guitars are wellknown for their friendly prices. Another plus for the W101 Martin smith : is that it is bundled with all accessories you’ll need when starting to play. This Martin Smith guitar was designed especially for beginners, and trust us, a cheap instrument doesn’t mean it’s rubbish. This guitar will suit children and adults that have never touched a guitar before and are willing to toughen up their fingers!

This model will surprise you. 

First, let’s talk about its dreadnought body look: you’ll definitely fancy its attractive natural wooden look which has a nice high-gloss finish.
But if you’re not a big fan of this colour, don’t worry, there are plenty of other options you can choose from: a beautiful dark red, an attractive midnight blue, a lovely pink, a pure white, a full black look and, of course, a nice-looking sunburst look!

W101 Martin Smith acoustic guitar

The neck is straight and well-crafted, which makes this guitar quite reliable. This is something you always need to check with the cheaper guitars! 

What about its playability? It offers nice and rich tones– However, we would definitely advise you to change the strings to get a warmer sound. Check our tutorial if you don’t know yet how to change the strings on an acoustic guitar

Guitar Dimensions and Stats

  • Weight – 1.8kg
  • Dimensions – 102 cm x 38cm x 10cm
  • String Material – Steel
  • Brand – Martin Smith
  • Type – 39 inches Full Size Acoustic guitar

Experts Feedback for this W-101 Acoustic Guitar From Martin Smith

We believe that it is one of the best bundle – deals on Amazon right now. This full-size acoustic guitar is a great starter and it will delight every beginner. 

Bored at home? You’ve watched every new TV-show on Netflix? This W-101 Martin Smith Model could be the guitar to get you started on your musicjourney!

However, if you have some experience in playing the guitar, your expectations might not be met by this acoustic guitar. We recommend that you browse the pricier end of the guitar spectrum. You can expect more quality sounds with those. A good option for experienced guitarists would be the Yamaha F310. Some accessories also might not meet the standards of non-beginners such as the tuner and the bag.

Thinking of buying this acoustic guitar ?

Follow the link below to find the latest prices and availability for the Martin Smith W-101 Acoustic Guitar in the United Kingdom, Alternatively, check out this article to further explore some of the best acoustic guitars for beginners available within the United States.:

Martin Smith W-101 Full Size Acoustic Guitar Review
Overall Score70%
70%Overall Score