So, you’d like to buy your first 4-string bass guitar but you are on a tight budget? This RockJam Full Size Bass Guitar could be the one. This bundle was made for beginners but it could also suit intermediate guitarists who’d fancy a good deal and a nice-looking bass.

This RockJam bass is a full-size guitar, designed for beginners who’d like to discover the world of bass guitars. If you want to carry the rhythm or the melody of your favorite songs, this guitar will do the job.

It has everything you’ll need: the guitar (incredible, isn’t it?), an amp, a guitar strap, a carrying bag, a digital clip-on tuner, a guitar stand, a set of spare strings, and plectrums. We wouldn’t be lying in saying that this bundle is a great deal!  It will please everyone with its 2 different colours, a shinny black and white look & a sunburst look –  and its high gloss finish.

Best beginner guitar - Rockjam review - Bass guitars

After a good tuning, you’ill be able to enjoy this instrument. It offers  great playability and comfort, which are keys for beginners. You might have to adjust the truss rod at the beginning but don’t worry, there is an Allen key included in this kit! The ash wood body feels sturdy yet lightweight, and the high-gloss finish is really catchy.

We have to admit we were a bit surprised by the quality of the AMP that is included in the bundle. It is loud enough to wake up the whole family and your neighbors if you really go hard on the strings (and really hate them). 

Guitar Dimensions and stats

  • Guitar weight : 21,2 lb
  • Guitar dimensions : 120.6 x 37.4 x 25.6 cm
best beginner bass - RockJam bass review - Bass guitars

Experts Feedback

Honestly, this guitar is a good value for your money. We would be lying like a rug if we would say that you could compete with Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney by playing on this guitar, but it’s definitely a good-quality starter pack. It has everything a beginner needs, especially with the quality AMP, which is a bit surprising.

Of course, do not expect Fender bass quality guitar for this price, but it’ is still worth it! We would recommend this guitar to newbies or intermediate players, who want a wallet-friendly price (yes, it’s a cheap bass). It could be the perfect gift for a friend too!

Thinking of buying this bass guitar for beginners?

You were browsing bass guitars and you are now convinced by our RockJam Guitar review? Follow the link below to find the latest prices and availability for the RockJam Bass. This could be your first guitar.

RockJam Bundle Review : a beginner bass guitar
Overall score85%
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