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Is there a better way to relax than by playing the ukulele? It’s not only one of the most sold musical instruments in 2020, but it is also one of the most affordable (and charming) instruments as well. Indeed you’ll find a lot of cheap ukuleles that are totally worth your money – one of which is the Martin Smith soprano ukulele that we reviewed. Indeed, it’s a really perfect for someone with a tight budget, but is it one of the best cheap ukuleles? Let’s find out.

Black Ukulele - Cheap Ukulele

That said, let us introduce you to the Martin Smith Soprano Ukulele. One of the most sold ukuleles on Amazon at the moment. 

It comes in 6 different colours with a gloss finish: a bright red, an electric blue, a glossy black, a cute pink, a natural wooden look and (our favourite) a Union Jack one. Everyone can find the look that brings the most happiness to them… Each one has a catchy look, the colours are really bright, a nice look that also makes it difficult to lose the instrument…

Good cheap Ukulele

Once you tune it, it offers a warm and round sound that is quite exceptional for this price! Intermediate players or advanced ones might prefer to change the nylon strings as they are quite cheap, which is perfectly fine for a beginner.
Tuning is pretty simple on this musical instrument, and the tuning pegs seem to be sturdy.

Like every Martin Smith product, it doesn’t come alone, but we admit that the gig bag is not as good as you’d expect -it is really thin and won’t protect much…

Cheap Ukulele

Ukulele Dimensions and Stats :

  • Ukulele weight : 0,82 lbs
  • Ukulele Dimensions : 53.5 x 6 x 15.25 cm
  • Size : 21″ Full Size Soprano

Experts Feedback on this cheap ukulele :

Browsing for budget ukuleles and quality ukuleles? This ukulele is a gem for beginners or kids that have a tight budget! Affordable and good-looking, this is definitely a must-have for next summer. We were surprised by the sound quality it provides, as we didn’t expect this in this price range, for an entry level ukulele.

We would recommend buying another bag if you want to travel the world with it. One that would prevent scratches. 

Beginners might be a bit frustrated by tuning the ukulele as it doesn’t hold the tune for long …  Advanced players might be a bit disappointed by the material and by the lack of versatility of this ukulele, but you get what you pay for! The brand “Martin Smith” *is making affordable instruments that are reliable but if you are looking for something a bit better but pricier), check out our Fender Ukulele review.

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Martin Smith Ukulele Review - A beginner ukulele
Overall score78%
77%Overall Score