yamaha f310 acoustic guitar review

Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar Information

Browsing acoustic guitars? Yamaha F310 is the perfect choice for beginners as it is effortless to play thus being suitable for people of all ages. The F310 has been precisely designed in order to be gentle on the fingertips with shorter strings, which reduces tension and gives extra comfort during playing without losing the tone.

Just like all acoustics made by Yamaha, the F310 has been manufactured with precision thus offering the sound, design, and quality the brand is known for. The strict quality control ensures that the customers would have an extraordinary experience whilst playing this model.

Its look :

The guitar has been finished with ultra-thin lacquer for a much more refined tone and responsive sound. The lacquer also protects the guitar from problems caused by humidity thus keeping the looks of the guitar intact and the adjustment stable for years.

Its sound quality :

This model also features quality tuning for a reliable, stable and simple tuning. The tonewoods used during the construction process produce splendid sound featuring the meranti back and spruce top for a well-balanced and warmer tone.

Yamaha F310 review

Guitar Dimensions and Stats – What you need to know about this great deal

  • Guitar Weight – 4.4kg
  • Guitar Dimensions – 120.6cm x 54.4cm x 18.2cm
  • Brand : Yamaha

Experts Feedback – is the F310 Yamaha worth it ?

We think that this is the perfect guitar for beginners (yes, it could be your first guitar) or for people who have been out of touch with their guitars for years. The neck of the guitar is smaller than the usual but not too small thus making it easy on the fingers. The sound quality that comes from the guitar is magical and can be compared to other, more expensive models. The build of the F310 feels solid and properly manufactured. In our opinion, the F310 certainly is great value for money.

Thinking of buying this full-size Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar?

Convinced by our yamaha review? Follow the link below to find the latest prices and availability for this good guitar : Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar, a really good choice as a beginner guitar with a good sound and easy to play!

yamaha f310 review
Yamaha F310 Review : A Full-Size Acoustic Guitar Review
Overall Score76%
76%Overall Score