Donner DAG-1S Acoustic Guitar

Guitar Information

The Donner DAG-1S model is a really good choice if you are a beginner! Made from woods of quality with tuning pegs made of steel, this Donner Acoustic guitar offers a warm and vibrant sound for beginners. It is available in two colours: a sunburst look and matte black look, it will please every eye with its great aesthetic and sleek design.

It is not only good-looking, but it offers a great playability and is suited for all styles of music. This model is available with a cutaway design : the Donner DAG-1CS, which allows those new to the world of guitars to access the highest frets on the neck!

Donner acoustic cutaway guitar

The guitar also comes with a great range of accessories that every beginner will find very convenient: a gig bag of good quality, a sturdy guitar capo, a tuner, a guitar strap, some guitar picks, a polishing cloth and a set of spare strings. It has it all!

One detail that could bother experienced guitar players is the guitar uses laminate wood in its body-wall construction. Solid wood would usually provide a better sound, and louder one, but if you’re a beginner, do not worry, the guitar still provides a great sound!

Guitar Dimensions and Stats :

  • Guitar Dimensions : 109.22 x 48.26 x 15.24 cm
  • Guitar Weight : 3,9 kg / 8,6 pound
  • String Material : Brass
Man playing donner guitar acoustic

Experts Feedback :

One thing about this guitar is the price! You won’t need to rob a bank to buy this unbelievably affordable guitar. The Donner DAG-1S model is a very budget-friendly offering, which has a fantastic tone, a rich sound and is quite versatile.
We believe this bundle will please every beginner or new player guitar and won’t let down intermediate guitar players. If you’re interested in an electric guitar from Donner, we also reviewed the DL-124S electric guitar from this affordable brand !

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Donner DAG-1S Acoustic Guitar Full Size Bundle Review
Overall Feedback75%
75%Experts Feedback