Guitar Information

Guitarists from all over the world choose to play on the Martin Smith W-100 acoustic guitar as it not only looks great but sounds great too. This particular model has been designed with students in mind aiming to give them great guitar experience.

This guitar comes in full size and features steel strings and is ideal for students above the age of 12.

The body of the W-100 is 39 inches long and it is perfectly curved in order to give comfort during playing. It has one bottom peg for a strap attachment. The W-100 has been built to a very high standard including hi-gloss finish, which makes it look distinctive and original whilst releasing rich sounds. The truss rod not only allows the adjustment of the natural wood shape but it also prolongs the life of the guitar.

The bronze strings go right up to the gear heads, which allows the guitar to stay tuned for a lot longer whilst minimizing the breaking of the strings when tuning thanks to the controlled action.

Guitar Dimensions and Stats

  • Guitar Weight – 2.9kg
  • Guitar Dimensions – 103.2cm x 47cm x 14.6cm
  • String Material – Bronze

Experts Feedback

We think that this guitar is a great starter guitar for young students. Its shape and lightweight allow the player to be comfortable whilst playing and tuning thus minimizing any strenuous activities and too much hassle.

You can get additional gadgets with it like online courses that are great for novices who want to learn the basics. The sound produced is very adequate for his model, which makes the guitar a great value for money in our honest opinion.

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Martin Smith W-100 Acoustic Guitar Review
Overall Score60%
59%Overall Score