martin smith acoustic guitar

Guitar Information

The Martin Smith W-600 model is of a higher quality to the lower W100 and W500 predecessors. Made from quality woods, the W-600 creates a resonant warm tone with an easy action. Available in a number of colours, the W-600 is the ideal guitar for a beginner to progress with and provides a good alternative guitar for regular playing.

This cutaway model allows the musician easy access to the higher frets on neck and is ideal for guitar players with smaller hands and fingers as well as those player simply wisher to play and harmonise all over the higher frets!

the W-600 series all come with a spare set of strings for the inevitable string snapping every now and then and as well as a few plectrums to in case you lose a few. A strap is included as well.

In addition you may well like to take advantage of the Martin Smith free on line lessons with the new guitar to either take your playing further or to brush up on your technique. Certainly taking the W-600 all together it is a good choice of instrument for the price bracket.

Guitar Dimensions and Stats

  • Guitar Weight – 3.2kg
  • Guitar Dimensions – 106 cm x 48cm x 15.3cm
  • String Material – Phosphor Bronze

Experts Feedback

The W-600 model is by far one of the best acoustic guitars within it’s price range out there. Whether you’re looking for that special acoustic guitar to play in your spare time or to learn a new few songs, then the W-600 is for you. The W-600 is best suited for blues(especially in it’s shade of blue – No pun intended..ok maybe) and country styles of music.

Thinking of buying this guitar?

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Martin Smith W-600-C Acoustic Guitar Review
Overall Score72%
72%Overall Score