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Guitar Information

Fascinating and out of the ordinary appearance distinguish the Lindo Blue Fractal 42C acoustic guitar from its predecessor the Apprentice Series guitar. The innovative ‘’flame fractal’’ finish has been designed in the United Kingdom and precisely in Bristol, where the designers came up with this ‘’organized chaos’’.

Even though fractals surround us every day and everywhere, they often go unnoticed. That is why the creative team behind Lindo Blue has decided to make their own fractal thus emphasizing its natural beauty and power. The dreadnought traditional body benefits from a cutaway, which allows the player to reach higher frets.

The rosewood fretboard, the catalpa neck, and the basswood body add depth to the tone. The Lindo Blue Fractal Apprentice Series 42C has a fascinating design, which stands out. The traditional shape of the body offers the player the well-known acoustic guitar sound. The guitar is light in weight and it is also very easy for tuning.

Guitar Dimensions and Stats

  • Guitar Weight – 3.4kg
  • Guitar Dimensions – 104.5cm x 49cm x 14.5cm
  • String Material – Alder

Experts Feedback

We think that the new Lindo Blue 42C acoustic guitar is great for both beginners and established players. The sound and the looks are amazing, which makes the playing pleasurable and easy.

The unique design concept and the easy tuning features give confidence to the player whether newbie or experienced. The manufacturers also sell accessories that can be added to the guitar for better sound and performance.

If you are searching for your first guitar or you just want a fun addition to your collection, then we would highly recommend the Lindo Blue 42C.

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Lindo Blue Fractal Apprentice Series 42C Acoustic Guitar Review
Overall Score74%
74%Overall Score