dean vendetta xm

Guitar Information

Brilliant and solid, this Dean Vendetta XM is a fantastic budget solution for all those musicians who are always careful with their finances but require a well-built guitar.

It features Tune-o-Matic bridge, diecast tuning machines, two Dean humbuckers, and a bolt-on neck. The guitars from this series have the classic V Ferrule pattern, solid bodies, a 25.5’’ scale, maple neck, dual Humbuckers, and a beautiful string-through-body design.

In this guitar, instead of mahogany is used its substitute Paulownia, which makes the guitar look fantastic whilst it is still affordable.

This type of wood is usually used for string instruments made in Asia. The wood is very porous and lightweight, which adds extra comfort to the player.

The sonic signature of the wood is very similar to swamp ash – it has plenty of chimes, it is resonant and it also has a tight low-end. The fingerboard is made of rosewood, the neck is made from maple and it features 24 frets.

Guitar Dimensions and Stats

  • Guitar Weight – 4.5kg

Experts Feedback

We think that this guitar gives a musician the comfort of owning a well-made and beautiful guitar whilst not breaking the bank.

Expensive guitars sure are a treat to the eye and the ear however, most musicians don’t find them practical. We believe that a guitar has to be durable and easy to play whilst looking great and being affordable.

You will not break into tears if you have to say goodbye to this guitar and buy a new model as it is so cheap that you can simply replace it if anything goes wrong. The features of the guitar are brilliant and the sound is simply great. It is easy to tune and play and looks amazing on stage.

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Dean Solid Body Vendetta XM Electric Guitar Review
Overall Score81%
81%Overall Score