rockburn guitars review

Guitar Information

Rockburn ST is an electric guitar in a Stratocaster style. It comes at a great price thus making it suitable for both beginners and seasoned players.

In order to get the classic look, the designers of the guitar have finished it with cherry red hi-gloss, which they perfectly contrasted against the guitar’s white scratchplate.

The guitar’s body shape is sleek, which makes it perfect not only for playing at home but also for performing on stage. Reaching the high notes in no challenge thanks to the double cut-aways.

The versatility of the guitar allows the musician to play all genres and all styles. The Rockburn ST features 3 pickups, which are single-coiled for a better shape of your sound.

There is a selector switch on the neck pickup that goes 5 ways in order to create a warmer, mellow or louder sound. For a much sharper sound, you can simply use the bridge pickup.

There are other selections as well for a better variety of sounds. The Rockburn ST guitar also features a tremolo arm so you can choose the style that you like the most.

Guitar Dimensions and Stats

  • Guitar Weight – 5 kg
  • Guitar Dimensions – 102cm x 44cm x 8.6cm

Experts Feedback

We love this guitar because its lightweight and amazing finish make it look and feel really expensive.

It is great for beginners or for people who have been out of touch with their playing and now want to get into practicing their skills again.

It is easy to set up however if you are not sure, a professional set up is suggested. We also love the sound it produces making it a great heavy metal instrument of soft balladic one. The color range is great, which makes this guitar stand out from the rest.

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Rockburn ST Style Electric Guitar Review
Overall Score62%
62%Overall Score