Yamaha F370DW Acoustic Guitar Review

Guitar Information

This masterpiece created by Yamaha is great for beginners regardless of their age.

It is executed in such a way that it represents the perfect choice for entry-level musicians. Yamaha has once again confirmed its reputation for producing quality musical instruments as the acoustic guitar model F370DW is able to reach high tones with enough sustain and it is at the same time very easy to play.

Yamaha’s designers know how important it is for beginners to have instruments that are easy and gentle on the fingertips and have created this guitar with a shorter scale (only slightly shorter) in order to reduce the strings’ tension, which allows for maximum playing comfort without the loss of tone.

The guitar has been manufactured with precision and is hand-finished fulfilling all ISO standards. It offers brilliant design, quality and amazing sound that are typical for the Yamaha acoustics.

Tuning is easy, stable, reliable and simple due to the die-cast chrome tuners. The accurate and even positioning of the frets means that players can keep the sound in tune even when they play further down the neck.

Guitar Dimensions and Stats

  • Guitar Weight – 2.3kg
  • Guitar Dimensions – 104cm x 48cm x 14cm
  • Scale Lenght – 26 inches
  • String Gauge – Medium
  • String Material – Steel

Experts Feedback

Having had a closer look at the Yamaha F370DW Acoustic Guitar, we think it is a great quality guitar with a beautiful design.

It is lightweight and comfortable to play even by the inexperienced musicians. It is not only a great starter for beginners but it can be used by a lot more advanced players due to the quality of sound it produces and sustains throughout a performance.

The strings are gentle on the fingertips due to the slightly shorter scale, which is a must for every beginner. Usually, guitars come with a standard pack of strings that are rather uncomfortable and hard and have to be changed straight away for better performance. In our opinion, this is a professional quality guitar priced for beginners.

Thinking about buying this guitar?

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Yamaha F370DW Acoustic Guitar Review
Overall Feedback73%
75%Overall Score