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Guitar Information

This Lindo Purple electric bass tiger is the preferred choice of everyone – from single players to rock and folk bands performing live or doing studio recordings.

The basswood body and its P-bass versatile nature give it the amazing sound whilst the unique inlays and tiger-stripe finish give its look an amazing stand-out appearance.

Just like all Lindo instruments this one also follows the pattern of providing great sound and build quality at high-level whilst keeping the price affordable. With this guitar, you are going to have years of enjoyable playing regardless of your professional level.

It is equally suited for beginners and advanced electric bass guitarists. The Lindo PDB series features one tone and one volume control in order to achieve a brilliant contrast of different sounds of lows, mediums, and highs. This model is a 44-inch, full-size body with tiger-striped basswood finish, rosewood and maple neck fingerboard, truss rod adjustable 2 ways, high-quality tuning pegs, and chrome die-cast bridge, which provide the accurate intonation and reliable tuning.

Guitar Dimensions and Stats

  • Bass Guitar Weight – 3kg
  • Bass Guitar Dimensions – 118cm x 44.4cm x 9.2cm

Experts Feedback

We think that this Lindo PDB series electric bass guitar is the best choice when it comes to purchasing your first ever bass guitar.

Let’s face it – the looks are simply stunning. It not only looks good but it sounds good too. Whether you are at home entertaining family or you are on stage performing with the band, you will not go unnoticed.

The lightweight of the guitar aids for the easy carrying around and it allows for maximum comfort whilst standing up or sitting down.

We also think that the versatile tones are great for a big variety of tunes – from deep low tones to that very distinct clicky ‘’Korn Bass’’ style and virtually every other tone that comes in between. This is simply a top-quality product at an amazing price.

Thinking of buying this guitar?

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Lindo PDB Series Purple Dove Electric Bass Guitar Review
Overall Score68%
68%Overall Score