The Vangoa 4/4 Electric Acoustic Guitar is a versatile instrument suitable for both stage performances and studio recordings. Its electronic pickup allows for easy connectivity to acoustic amps, mixers, or PA systems, providing the option to amplify the sound for live use. With the inclusion of a 4-band EQ (Bass, Mid, Treble, and Pres), you can further tailor the guitar’s sound to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Tuning this guitar is a breeze, thanks to its chrome-plated 18:1 fully closed tuning pegs and phosphor bronze strings. These components ensure precise tuning and excellent tuning stability. Additionally, a digital tuner is provided, adding convenience to the tuning process.

The Vangoa 4/4 Electric Acoustic Guitar delivers a bright, full sound and a well-balanced acoustic tone. Its standard non-scalloped X bracing design allows the top to remain stable while vibrating, contributing to the instrument’s overall resonance and projection. Whether you’re playing in a live setting or recording in the studio, this guitar ensures a satisfying playing experience.

Upgraded fittings enhance the overall performance and playability of the instrument. The bone nut and saddle, known for their high density and hardness, improve resonance and sustain. The smooth fretboard and comfortable C-shaped neck profile make it easy and enjoyable to play for extended periods.

As a useful bonus, the Vangoa 4/4 Electric Acoustic Guitar comes with a well-made gig bag to protect the instrument during transportation. The included digital tuner, guitar capo, guitar strings, guitar picks, pickguard, strap, and cable make it a comprehensive starter kit for beginners. This all-inclusive package eliminates the need to purchase additional accessories separately, providing convenience and value.

In conclusion, the Vangoa 4/4 Electric Acoustic Guitar offers a range of features that make it a versatile and practical choice for musicians. Its electronic pickup allows for easy amplification, while the precise tuning components and digital tuner ensure accurate tuning. With excellent playability, upgraded fittings, and the inclusion of a comprehensive starter kit, this guitar is an excellent option for beginners and experienced players alike. Whether you’re performing on stage or recording in the studio, the Vangoa 4/4 Electric Acoustic Guitar delivers quality sound and reliable performance.


  • ‎‎‎‎104 x 14 x 45.5 cm
  • 3.1 Kilograms
  • Material: Linden Wood
  • Strings: 6
  • Size: 4/4

Expert’s Feedback

The Vangoa 4/4 Electric Acoustic Guitar has impressed me as an expert. Its quality finish and sound, given its price range, have met my expectations. The included pack, featuring a matte black color, adds value to the purchase. While further assessment is needed over time, I currently recommend this guitar.

Players will be pleasantly surprised by this guitar’s pleasant tone and well-set action. The satin black finish adds a unique touch, and while the included strings are average, it’s relatively easy for players to replace them. The accessories like the 1/4-inch guitar cable, strap, and capo may not be outstanding, but the electronic tuner is satisfactory. Considering its price, the Vangoa 4/4 Electric Acoustic Guitar is well worth it.

The guitar, made of mahogany with scalloped bracing, offers a great sound with clear highs and a solid low end. The electronics, including the 4-band EQ, perform admirably. The neck, frets, and tuners are well-crafted, and the nut required no setup. The gig bag provides ample protection, and the accessory bundle includes a reliable clip-on tuner, strap, capo, and more. Priced under $200, this guitar is a bargain.

In conclusion, the Vangoa 4/4 Electric Acoustic Guitar has an overall impressive performance. Whether for stage performances, studio recordings, or just for home practise, its sound quality, build, and attention to detail make it a solid choice. With its reasonable price and comprehensive package, especially for those desiring a 12-string guitar, I highly recommend considering the Vangoa model.