The TIGER ACG4-BL Electro Acoustic Guitar is an excellent choice for beginners and children who have outgrown smaller guitars. With its full-size body and classic cutaway design, this guitar allows players to comfortably reach higher frets on the fingerboard, expanding their musical range and capabilities.

One standout feature of the ACG4-BL is its built-in three-band EQ and tuner. This allows players to easily adjust the sound output when playing through an amplifier, ensuring that they can achieve their desired tone with ease. The integrated EQ system is of high quality and offers precise control over the bass, midrange, and treble frequencies, enabling players to customize their sound to suit their preferences.

In addition to its impressive features, the ACG4-BL is available in a range of stunning finishes, making it visually appealing and suitable for a variety of tastes. Whether you prefer a classic natural wood finish or a bold, eye-catching color, this guitar has options to suit every style.

What sets the ACG4-BL apart from other beginner guitars is its comprehensive package of included accessories. In addition to the guitar itself, the package includes a gig bag for easy transportation and protection, a guitar strap for comfortable playing, a scratchplate to prevent damage, a plectrum for immediate playing, and spare strings for convenience. These essential accessories make the ACG4-BL an ideal starter package, providing everything a beginner guitarist needs to get started and maintain their instrument.

Whether you’re playing unplugged at home or performing at smaller gigs, the ACG4-BL delivers great sound quality. Its sleek cutaway body design aids access to higher frets, while the presence control boosts upper-mid and treble frequencies, adding a lively and dynamic quality to the tone.

Overall, the TIGER ACG4-BL Electro Acoustic Guitar is a fantastic choice for beginners and children transitioning from smaller guitars. With its comfortable design, versatile sound options, attractive finishes, and comprehensive package of accessories, this guitar offers outstanding value for money. Whether you’re just starting your musical journey or looking for an affordable upgrade, the ACG4-BL is an instrument that will inspire and accompany you for years to come.


  • 104 x 14 x 45.5 cm; 3.1 Kilograms
  • Guitar pick-up configuration: Piezoelectric
  • Number of Strings: ‎6
  • Guitar Bridge System: Fixed Bridge
  • Batteries: 1D batteries

Expert’s Feedback

We have to say, the Tiger ACG4-BL is a fantastic guitar for beginners. The quality is impressive, with good intonation and a warm tone. While the strings are decent, we would recommend switching to a slinkier gauge for a lighter touch. The guitar is easy to use, and the cutaway design makes reaching higher frets a breeze. The built-in electronic system is top-notch, allowing for easy sound adjustments. It’s also a good-looking instrument with a nice low action, making it enjoyable to play. Though the inbuilt tuner may not be the best, using a free tuner app on my phone solves the issue. Overall, the ACG4-BL offers great value for its price. This is perfect for beginners and those wanting to continue progressing before upgrade to a higher-quality guitar in the future. The Tiger ACG4-BL has definitely captured our interest!