Guitar Information

One of the reasonably priced members of the Evolution Series, the beautiful Tanglewood electro-acoustic guitar offers more than your average guitar. Just looking at the ruby beaut, we just know this guitar is something special.

With a slightly smaller jumbo cutaway Folk Size body, the guitar is extremely playable and would be great for any live performance or studio work. With its striking red appearance, the guitar stands out as a rare gem.

Guitar Dimensions and Stats

  • Guitar Weight – 2.3 kg
  • Guitar Dimensions – 106.7cm x 48.3cm x 15.2cm
  • String Material – Steel

Experts Feedback

The Tanglewood TSF CE R Electro-Acoustic is great value for the money. The first thing we spotted about the guitar is the beautiful red finish in maple is. The mahogany back and sides, and spruce top produce a fantastic sound and a feeling of sturdiness. The guitar produces a plucky sound when furnished with a fresh set of strings. If you’re looking for a guitar with a deep booming tone, the Tanglewood may not be the guitar for you, but the TSF CE does a great job in convincing you don’t always need to be hitting the deeper tones.

Tanglewood’s have a great reputation for being reliable and durable given their price range and the TSF CE R is no exception. The TSF is a guitar that is made for the wear and tear.. just don’t go smashing it up on stage!

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Tanglewood TSF CE R Electro-Acoustic Guitar Review
Overall Score75%
75%Overall Score