The RockJam Full Size Electric Guitar Kit offers a comprehensive package for beginner guitarists looking to dive into the world of electric guitars. This kit includes not only a full-sized electric guitar but also an amplifier, gig bag, guitar strap, and essential accessories, making it a convenient and cost-effective option.

Let’s start with the electric guitar itself. Crafted with a basswood body, the RockJam guitar delivers a balanced and resonant tone. The full-sized design ensures a comfortable playing experience, allowing beginners to easily adapt to its feel. The guitar boasts three single-coil pickups, providing versatility in tonal options. The pickup selector, two tone controls, and volume control allow players to explore various sounds and find their unique style. Additionally, the inclusion of a whammy bar adds a touch of vibrato and expression to the guitar’s capabilities. The ergonomic ST design, along with the eye-catching high-gloss finish, enhances the visual appeal of the instrument. The metal gearheads ensure precise and accurate tuning, an essential feature for maintaining consistent sound quality.

The accompanying 10-watt guitar amplifier is a great addition to the kit. With tone and gain controls, it offers flexibility in shaping the guitar’s sound. The headphone output allows for private practice sessions, ideal for late-night or quiet rehearsals. The carry handle adds portability, making it easy to transport the amp wherever you go.

To protect the guitar during transportation and storage, the kit includes a gig bag with two carry handles and 5mm of padding. This ensures that your instrument remains safe from scratches and minor bumps. The inclusion of a guitar strap is a thoughtful addition, enabling beginners to comfortably support the guitar while playing or experiment with different playing styles.

The RockJam Full Size Electric Guitar Kit also includes spare guitar strings and guitar picks, essential accessories for any guitarist. These extras come in handy when a string breaks or when experimenting with different gauges. The guitar picks provide options for players to find their preferred pick thickness and style.

The RockJam Full Size Electric Guitar Kit offers a complete package for aspiring guitarists. With a well-built electric guitar, an amplifier with versatile controls, a protective gig bag, a comfortable guitar strap, and essential accessories, this kit provides excellent value for its price. It’s an ideal choice for beginners looking to start their musical journey with a reliable and comprehensive electric guitar package.


  • 99.01 x 5.99 x 30.99 cm
  • 3.5 Kilograms
  • Material: Basswood
  • Guitar Pickup Configuration: ‎S
  • Guitar Bridge System: ‎Fixed Bridge
  • Size: ‎10 Watt

Expert’s Feedback

The RockJam Full Size Electric Guitar Kit stands out as an impressive option in its price range, considering its playability and overall quality. The amplifier included in the kit is capable of producing a satisfying sound, making it suitable for practice sessions.

While the design may not be the most sophisticated, the guitar still delivers a solid playing experience. The included amplifier, while not powerful enough for stage performances, serves its purpose well for practice and learning purposes.

 In terms of feel and playability, players will likely be reminded of guitar models like the Fender Stratocaster. The RockJam guitar provides an affordable option for beginners and entry-level players before the full commitment to a high end model such as a Fender.

Overall, the RockJam Full Size Electric Guitar Kit is recommended for its impressive playability, sound quality through the included amplifier, and value for money. It serves as an excellent starting point for beginners and those looking for an affordable electric guitar package.