RockJam  Electric Guitar

Guitar Information

The RockJam electric guitar is the right instrument for every beginner who wishes to one day become a professional guitarist or for the ones who find guitar playing to be a relaxing hobby.

This Rockjam electric guitar superkit – bundle pack comes with everything a beginner may need – a comfortable guitar strap for playing on stage while standing up, a plectrum and high-quality spare nickel strings.

The RockJam produces magnificent sound and allows for very easy and enjoyable playability. The high quality of this guitar is complemented by the rosewood fretboard, the maple neck, and the bolt-on construction.

The guitar also features two-tone sound controls, 3 single-coil pickups, 1 volume control, a tremolo bar, a 5 way pick up selector switch and cut-away horns, which are specifically designed to reach very high frets. The finish of the guitar is black and white hi-gloss, which complements the classic body of this electric guitar.

Guitar Dimensions and Stats

  • Guitar Weight – 3.5kg
  • Guitar Dimensions – 104.8cm x 104.5cm x 8.6cm
  • Guitar String Material – Nickel
  • Guitard Wood – Basswood

Experts Feedback

Brilliant guitar for beginners however, we would recommend when the initial training is done, the guitar to be changed for one of a better class.

The guitar is beautifully executed and has all features a beginners’ guitar should have and more. It is easy to tune and the sound it produces is rather pleasant.

It makes a brilliant first guitar and gives the player the opportunity to learn the basics whilst practicing on a well built and comfortable to hold the guitar. In the pack, the player can find a very comfortable strap that fits the shoulder perfectly and that allows the player to experiment what it is like to play the guitar standing up.

It is great for beginners who wish to show their skills on stage. For easy transportation, we would recommend you to get a well-padded gig bag that can protect it.

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Rock Jam Electric Guitar Black & Full-Size - Bundle Pack Review
Overall Score61%
61%Overall Score