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Guitar Information

The artwork of this Jaxville Demon electric guitar is simply stunning and would help every guitarist stand out from the rest with the detailed and sharp ‘’Demon’’ design.

The guitar’s body shape is a classic Strat-style with an amazing design with a black base under very rich tribal pattern in red with an interesting dark twist. It comes with a scratchplate in black and headstock.

The classic body shape of the guitar allows for comfortable playing regardless of where the stage is – at home or in front of an audience.

Jaxville guitars

The look is also benefitted from the two ‘’horns’’ and the high notes are easily reached through the double cut-aways.

This guitar can be used by musicians of different music styles because of the guitar’s versatility. The 3 single-coil pickups will help you shape the sound to perfection. For the selection of sound, a 5-way selector switch is fitted, which allows the player to choose a warmer, mellower or louder sound. The tremolo arm also allows the guitarists to play with the sounds of the guitar.

Guitar Dimensions and Stats

  • Guitar Weight – 4kg
  • Guitar Dimensions – 103cm x 44.1cm x 6.1cm
Jaxville Guitar

Experts Feedback on the Jaxville Demon ST Style Electric Guitar

We think that this is a great guitar as it is easy to play and the quality of the sound is brilliant. It is very light in weight thus allowing the player to move freely. A well-padded bag is needed in order to protect the guitar as its glossy finish can be scratched during transportation.

The guitar’s sound is versatile and can easily switch between warm, mellow and loud tones depending on the preferences of the musicians. This is achieved through the brilliant humbucker pickups.

The 5-way selector switch also makes it very easy to shape the sound the way you want it as every pickup is different from the other. We recommend this Jaxville guitar to beginners and intermediate players due to its quality design and excellent features.

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Jaxville Gutiar - Jaxville Demon ST Style Electric Guitar Review
Overall Score74%
74%Overall Score