Gibson L5 CES electric guitar

Guitar Information

The Gibson L-5 CES electric guitar is one of the most iconic guitars on the market today.  Used by some of the biggest jazz musicians in the World, the L-5  harnesses the combined sounds of the smooth electric Gibson signature tones and the warm acoustic sounds you would expect from a handcrafted Gibson guitar.

The L-5 CES Gibson is often very difficult to find due to the low quantities available of the signature guitar. The build time for a guitar of this caliber is longer than usual and getting your hands on your own can be a little tricky! 

However, despite this, the guitar is well known for its vintage feel with its comfortable neck made from maple wood allowing guitarists to move up and down the fret with ease, making the L-5 an easy choice when it comes to choosing an electro-acoustic guitar.

Guitar Dimensions and Stats

  • Guitar weight – 11.3kg
  • Guitar Dimensions – 127cm x 50.8cm x 22.9cm
  • Colour – Vintage Sunburst
  • Scale Length – Standard full-size guitar

Experts Feedback

When talking about the Gibson L-5, we could talk for hours about how the modern L-5 has not changed from the original Gibson guitar in the 1950s. Gibson does such an excellent job on the production on every guitar, that it’s no wonder really why Gibson is considered as the Rolls Royce of the Guitar World. 

The L-5’s acoustic and electric abilities are so equally matched, it’s almost like receiving a 2 for 1 deal. The L-5 does excellently when it comes to playing live but also unplugged. The quality of tones is second to none with the L-5 and this makes the guitar every jazz /acoustic/general musicians dream guitar to play! We can’t rate this guitar enough, to be honest!

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Gibson Custom Shop L-5 CES VS Electric Guitar Review
Overall Feedback90%
93%Expert Rating