Falcon 3/4 Size Classic Guitar Review

Guitar Information

This ¾ classic guitar by Falcon is the perfect startup guitar for the novice players who are seeking the chance to experience what it is like to play a ¾ size classical guitar at a price that won’t break the bank.

The guitar is great for the students between the ages of 8 and 11 as it is easy to handle, very comfortable during playing and it features nylon strings, which are gentle on the fingers. The guitar is also lightweight and the manufacturer’s creativity can be seen in the fine, delicate and eye-catching detail painted around the soundhole.

The top, back and sides are made of linden, the neck and bridge are made of maple and the fingerboard is made of rosewood. It has 20 frets and chrome plastic rollers for easy tuning. This is one very popular choice for beginners as it is great looking, easy to play and very affordable too.

Guitar Dimensions and Stats

  • Guitar Dimensions – 93.5cm x 42cm x 10.4cm
  • String Material – Coated Phosphor Bronze + Plastic

Experts Feedback

We believe that this Falcon guitar is great for beginners aged 8-11. It is a great starter at an even greater price as it is inexpensive and very affordable. Its size is also perfect for that age as any bigger would possibly prove to be too big to handle. It plays nicely and is easy to tune thus leaving the player confident in what they do. Using nylon strings has proven to be a great choice for this guitar as usually, guitars come with very hard strings that sometimes can hurt the fingers of novice players and have to be changed immediately. In this case, the nylon strings are very gentle on the fingers and don’t have to be changed. Music teachers love this guitar too as it gives the kids the freedom to learn easily how to play the guitar and gets them ready for the next level.

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Falcon 3/4 Size Classic Guitar Review
Overall Score71%
71%Overall Score