encore guitars review

Guitar Information

The Encore EBP-E69CR electric guitar is easily manageable even though it is not very light in weight. It comes in a beautiful cherry red color, which makes it perfect for the stage.

The guitar has a very powerful and versatile character and the body is made of solid Linden. The guitar also features an adjustable bridge, nice tuners, and straight mahogany neck.

The guitar’s pickups are perfect not only for beginners but also for intermediate players who want to try something different. The guitar has two volume controls and a three-way tone control and a four-way control of the tone on the amp.

This bundle also includes a guitar amp of 10 for rehearsal by Kinsman, a quick start encore tutorial disc,  tech tuner, lead, stand, spare strings, Kinsman bag for more comfortable carrying, a tech strap, user guide, plectrum, and tutor listing.

Guitar Dimensions and Stats

  • Guitar Weight – 5kg
  • Guitar Dimensions – 110.8cm x 53cm x 18.5cm

Experts Feedback – Are Encore Guitars any good ?

In our opinion, this guitar is brilliant for every beginner who wishes to enter the world of music. The bag that is included in the set is really good but we would recommend serious musicians or those who wish to travel with their guitar, to purchase a better-padded case in order to protect it better. Tuning the guitar is a kid’s game as the tuner is simple and easy to use.

However, remember to tune the guitar every time you decide to play it because the strings will require some time to settle. The amp that is included in the set is good for the size of the guitar and has a very nice sound. The DVD will certainly get you starter however, don’t rely on it to teach you proper guitar lessons. We think that this kit is brilliant for its price and we would recommend it to anyone who has decided to start playing the guitar.

Thinking of buying this guitar?

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Encore EBP-E69CR Electric Guitar Bundle – Cherry Red Review
Overall Score71%
71%Overall Score