Guitar Amp Information

This revolutionary offering from Fender is a game-changer in amplifier design, featuring a world-first in connectivity through the inclusion of WiFi, as well as offering Bluetooth and USB-out capabilities.

The most advanced modeling amplifier to date, the Mustang GT 40 offers a range of features never seen before, ensuring a future-proof design that will stand the test of time.

The 40-watt speaker produces a warm and well-supported tone that while not as loud as some other amps in the extreme ranges, provides a satisfyingly powerful sound for all but the larger stages.

As a practice amplifier, the GT 40 holds its own, with a range of output and customization options, allowing for endless experimentation that pairs perfectly with modern setups.

Guitar Amp Dimensions and Stats

  • Amp Weight – 7.84kg
  • Guitar Dimensions – 45cm x 31cm x 28cm

Experts Feedback

This amp brings new meaning to the word ‘innovative’, being the first amp in the world to feature a WiFi connection, allowing for OTA updates and downloading of artist presets.

We love how versatile this amp is, with a great range of effects and amplifier-presets that make for an incredible modeling experience. Featuring 21 classic amp voices and 45 effects, the possibilities are practically endless with this amp, and the inclusion of Bluetooth for streaming music to the amp wirelessly is a really nice touch.

You get the feeling with this amp that Fender is forging a new path in amplifier design, seeking to offer increased technological versatility to help support the needs of musicians in both the practice room and on stage. They certainly have done a fine job of this with the Fender Mustang GT 40, recognizing the new possibilities available with the introduction of widespread home recording using personal computers. USB-out is a perfect example of this and was something we liked a lot about the GT 40.

If you’re looking for an amp that works well independently as well as offering incredible options for customization and emulation, then this is definitely the amp for you.

We’d recommend a carrying case for this amp to help keep its excellent hardware safe and sound.

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Fender Mustang gt40 Review
Overall Score72%
72%Overall Score