Yamaha c40 Classical Guitar

Yamaha c40 Classical Guitar

Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar Review


Guitar Information

The Yamaha C40 is by far one the most popular and well trusted classical guitars in the UK. With a well-designed and contorted neck for comfort, the neck allows guitarists to make positions without pulling awkward and uncomfortable shapes to get the right sounds. The body is a combination of rosewood, maranti, nato and spruce which creates a balanced sound meaning musicians can reach the slick high notes and the booming low notes they need to make.

The tuning is simple but effective as tuning heads are standard Yamaha heads and fret positioning is extremely accurate compared to most. The Yamaha C40 was also recognised as the ‘best classical instrument’ in 2011 at the Classic FM Music Awards.

Guitar Dimensions and Stats

  • Guitar Weight – 1.5kg
  • Guitar Dimensions – 102 x 46 x 13 cm
  • Colour – Natural or Black
  • Scale Length – Standard full size guitar
  • String Gauge – Medium
  • String Type – Nylon

Experts Feedback

The Yamaha C40 is perfect for beginners or youngsters who are not yet ready for a full size acoustic guitar and can easily learn in comfort. The C40 is an inexpensive way to invest into learning how to play guitar without breaking the bank. The C40 is a popular choice amongst music teachers and guitar tutors Worldwide. The C40 can also be re stringed to accommodate left hand guitarists. The Yamaha C40 is a guitar for all levels, not just beginners.

Thinking about buying this guitar?

Yamaha C40 Full Size Classical Guitar – Black

Yamaha C40 Full Size Classical Guitar – Natural

You can find the Yamaha C40 in the links above. Let us know your thoughts on the C40 below today!

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