Ashton D25/12 BK 12 String Guitar

Ashton D25/12 BK 12 String Guitar

Ashton D25/12 BK 12 String Guitar Review
Ashton D25/12 BK 12 String GuitarGuitar Specifications

Item Weight 3.2 Kg
Product Dimensions 112 x 50 x 15 cm
Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required.
String Gauge Medium
String Material Coated Phosphor Bronze
Number of Strings 12

Guitar Production Description

The quick neck on the Ashton D25/12 makes it perfect for playing with the quick licks and exotic sounds of the current Blues ‘n’ Roots, folk or rock! Chrome diecast machine heads keep the guitar in tune and the helps to precisely and clearly tune your twelve string guitar. The body of this Ashton D25/12 string acoustic guitar has a Tortoiseshell style pickguard with an appealing soundhole rosette design and is produced of A level Spruce. The rear and are also ended in an all-natural shine and sides are created from Sapele. The satin neck is produced of Mahogany and is extremely comfortable to play. The fingerboard is very broad but that is got to be anticipated from a guitar with 12 strings on it! Moving up and down the neck is not actually difficult for rapid chord changes. The fingerboard is produced of Rosewood and supports 20 frets which are marked by white dot inlays. The headstock is an elongated one. The 6 a side tuners are miniature chrome diecast machines. This top quality guitar is superb value for money, and a joy to play. This dreadnought bodied guitar is regarded as the most famous acoustic guitar body accessible. The 12 string guitar was utilized in such classic hits as Ciao Baby by The Cult, and Hotel California by the eagles.

User Opinions

Beautiful Guitar
Sensitive guitar strings, but still great!
Such as sweet guitar!

Experts Feedback

We were extremely excited when the Ashton D25/ 12 BK guitar arrived! This was mainly because the Ashton D25 /12 came with a sturdy reputation as being one of the smoothest 12 string guitars in the UK today. The first thing which hit us straight away was extremely ‘light’ the instrument was for a 12 string. When it came to playing the guitar, the guitar produced incredible tones and provided us hours of creativity. If you are are someone who wants to create new sounds and new licks, the 12 string is definitely for you.

Where can I buy this guitar?

Where can I buy this Guitar?
You can buy the Ashton D25/12 BK 12 String Guitar on Amazon.

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