Ashton D25 Electro Acoustic Guitar

Ashton D25 Electro Acoustic Guitar

Ashton D25 Electro Acoustic Guitar Review

Ashton d25 guitar

Guitar Specifications

Item Weight 4.1 Kg
Product Dimensions 108 x 50 x 15.6 cm
Batteries: 1 9V batteries required.
String Gauge Medium
String Material Steel
Number of Strings 6

Guitar Production Description

Among the more popular versions of Ashton, the D25 Electro Guitar gives you the independence to play any time, anywhere. Head down to your buddy’s place or around town and revel in the sound that is warm and crisp. Available in black gloss or matt natural finish, and includes extras that can make practicing, learning and performing more than satisfying. Additionally if you purchase the accessories, the ARM300 guitar bag allows you to readily transport your guitar, additionally, it provides great protection! Furthermore, it has heavy duty zippers that will take outside pouches giving you a lot of room to hold your extra strings, picks and other accessories, easy carry straps and a real beating. Ashton guitars would be an ideal spot to begin learning and are the ‘All in One’ option that gives players everything they should begin. Each acoustic guitar is constructed using the best quality materials so they’re also used by players that were established at the same time! Ashton’s bracing designs were created to reach maximum power in the very least weight, enabling our soundboards create perfect sound and to resonate.

User Opinions

Guitar was fine. No overall problems
Reasonable guitar for what I needed!
Guitar makes a crisp and mellow sound! Worth the price

Experts Feedback

After getting our hands on the Ashton D25 electro guitar, we found straight away the guitar was extremely smooth when it came to playing your standard chords in standard tuning. With the electro element and plugged into a small amplifaction, the guitar creates a very western sound, something which really resonated with us. If you’re more of a technical guitarist who prefers to player higher up the fret, you may find yourself struggling to create the perfect sound as the fret does tend to get a little thicker higher up. Something which is quite common in most electro acoustic guitars. Overall, if you want something to play in the evenings or even in a small coffee house gig or two, the Aahton D25 puts up a good argument on why you should have this guitar.

Where can I buy this guitar?

Where can I buy this Guitar?
You can buy the Ashton D25 Acoustic here at Amazon

Rating overview

  • Design
  • Feel
  • Sound
Total score
Good 4.4

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